The Portrait




King Charles III


l'évènement pictural du 15 mai :

New portrait of King Georges SSDC R (description) *** copie


la déclaration du peintre, en présence du Roi  :

King's portrait by Jonathan Yeo


une compilation de 6 articles de presse (dont 20 réactions des lecteurs du Times ***)

Téléchargement Portrait of King Charles


... et un rappel sur le GENRE du PORTAIT,

en peinture, et en littérature

Téléchargement The Portrait

et bien sûr,


le retraité de la Didactique se pose une question possible sur l'aide éventuelle de la présentation du genre LITTERAIRE du portrait, pour (mieux ?) décrire:

  • l'art en PEINTURE,
  • et plus précisément, pour décrire (et apprécier) la magnifique oeuvre de Jonathan Yeo

Bon w-e

15 significant headlines on Nov 18th




Senator quizzed on suspicion of drugging French MP

France’s first lady reveals why she put off marrying Emanuel Macron for 10 years

Meet the Frenchman teaching Britons how to pronounce English words

The camembert rules according to the French - and not to be messed with

France’s Antoine Dupont to miss Six Nations and focus on Paris Olympics



and 10 headlines of hope


Billionaire inventor James Dyson donates £35m to his former school

EU agrees to ban exports of waste plastic to poor countries

I long to destroy self-checkout machines – and at last, there’s a glimmer of hope

The Guardian view on the sugar tax: fewer tooth extractions is great news for public health

Solar energy could power all health facilities in poorer countries and save lives, experts say

Footage of dancing 50 Cent fan, aged 64, goes viral

From China’s emissions to Australia’s offshore windfarms, things are moving on climate – some even in the right direction

Can goats and sheep stop wildfires? This shepherdess is rallying the flock

Big business benefited from slavery – let it pay reparations


The 19 best questions you should ask to really get to know someone, according to experts

"The Times They Are A-Changin' " - (incidental learning)


A couple of years after closing more tills to make way for self-service checkouts,

      .... things are changing, now in November 2023 ,


Self-service  tills


Supermarket completely abandons self-service to put staff back behind tills


In other words :

(incidental learning)


Supermarket chain rips out self-service tills in favour of the human touch  (Booths)

Booths supermarkets to ditch self-checkouts in north of England stores

Booths is to replace machines with human cashiers in all but two of its sites

Booths is removing self-checkouts from its shops

Booths is stripping out self-service checkouts

Booths scraps self-checkouts in nearly all UK stores

Booths has shared it will get rid of self-service tills in most stores.

The decision to move away from self-checkouts is a supermarket first,

Booths phases out self-service for fully-staffed checkouts


Good riddance to the nightmare of supermarket self-checkout tills




MEDLEY -   "for The Times , 2 ,3,"




A study on 3 new accents in the UK


UK 3 new accents


From 3 sources on line 


Téléchargement King’s English?- 3 new accents - D Tel

Téléchargement 2-King’s English and Cockney  replaced by three new accents, The Times

Téléchargement 2-Cockney and King's English becoming less common


Listening for BBC confirmation


1- Standard English replacing King's English SSDC *** copie

2- Standard English replacing King's English SSDC *** Accents - decline of cockney


New accents and celebrities


the 3 illustrations


1-Standard southern British English SSBE - Prince Harry

2-Estuary English - Adele

3-Multicultural English - Stormzy