15 significant headlines on February 13th


Good news & bad 5

Gas boilers could be banned from all UK homes to help hit 2050 carbon neutral targets

How Tesla revolutionised the electic car market

Powerful radio signal from deep in space is repeating in a ‘pattern’, say scientists

'Decimation' of bus services across England leaves millions isolated

Is education the new currency?

Stereotypes are still holding back women in science

Misinformation on the coronavirus might be the most contagious thing about it

Universities give back relics after pressure over ‘colonial wrongs’

Social media bosses may be held personable liable for failure to protect people online under new duty of care plans

'It's taboo to talk about mental health problems when farming': A young former farmer on the mental health crisis in the profession

Colorado Voters Are Set To Decide If Wolves Should Be Reintroduced To The State

A teacher mispronouncing a student’s name can have a lasting impact

Number of UK pensioners living in EU falls to five-year low

Insects:  Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in populations

Antartica : Mass melting of ice sheet led to three metre sea level rise 120,000 years ago

Bombardier ‘exploiting suppliers by paying late’