Kindness all over the country - Part 3


1 -

Vicky Wright            Two-time Scottish curling champion Vicky Wright

has put her full-time sporting career on hold

to return to the NHS   



2-  Polly Swann won a silver medal Polly Swann

              as part of the Great Britain women’s eight

                  at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

" My friend sent my stethoscope

                – I could be working again next week"


3 -     An army of kind hearts volunteers Press


4.     Volunteers to deliver food to the vulnerable H1 SSDC R R IO


5-   Converting laboratories robots speed up virus tests (Progress)


6-   People applaud health workers NB SSDC in the press


7-   Royal Mint to manufacture face shields or visors SSDC R R (hope)


8-  Accomodation for rough sleepers H1 SSDC (homeless) R (phono) R


9- People applaud health workers SSDC in the press


10. -     People applaud health workers H1 SSDC R R (phono)


11- An army of kind hearts Nation of heroes volunteers Pres 


10 significant headlines on March 28th


How bookshops are helping isolation

Smartphone location data could be used to track social distancing 

How facial recognition could be used by supermarkets to ration food

YouTube reduces streaming quality worldwide to ease pressure on the internet

‘Not talking to people is difficult’: self-isolators share their stories

Can computers ever replace the classroom?

Keep it clean: The surprising 130-year history of handwashing

 UK manufacturers to regear factories to build ventilators for NHS


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'Thank you Parisians, don’t bring the virus': plea from rural France


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EU regulation on waste premature obsolescence, throaw-away culture half pollution .mp3 (March 17th)

Zara and clothes recycling plight SSDC R .mp3

Extra penny to recycle clothes SSDC Progress .mp3

Tax on plastic packaging ahead SSSDC R (Friends of the Earth) .mp3

Cut meat and shift diet call, flexitarian H1, SSDC, R R .mp3

Environmental impact of clothes & shoes industry study SS* R .mp3

UK girls top 3rd binge drinkers SS*.mp3

Food industry has failed to curb sugar reduction by 20% H1 SS* R IOW.mp3

UK has worst diets in Europe SS* (The Eye) .mp3

Coop selling use-by -date food to tackle waste (WRAP) SS R 20171205..mp3

Obesity encouraged by too much food pushed by eating places SS R.mp3

Too much sugar for breakfast SS (D. Telegraph)  copie.mp3

Cutting food waste committment SS R .mp3

Tax on sugar drinks to tackle obsesity SS R Jamie Oliver intervw.mp3

Binge drinkers should be expelled from A & E units .mp3

Greenhouse gas fear over meat production BBC VIDEO 55".mp3

Eat less meat campaign (methane threat) .mp3

Binge drinking in Majorque SS 20 .mp3

Children eat too much salt SS 18 R .mp3

Eating too much protein is harmful SS 20 (The D & D Tel).mp3

Westminster rising number of internet users & porn on line SS  copie.mp3

Mobile recycling  20110426

Food wasted final OK.mp3

Binge drinking survey.mp3

Binge Drinking UK new disease 2005.mp3

Words at the window from those in isolation

source BBC - march 26th


                                  Words at the window from those in isolation


        Stephen Lovekin has started photographing families isolating in Brooklyn, New York.

Lovekin asked each family to share a message with the world.


"I hope that in this time of chaos and uncertainty, this project will help people feel more connected to the outside world even though we are all literally separated from one another for an unknown amount of time," Lovekin says.

"If we continue to communicate and connect with those around us in a direct, honest, and positive way, we can get through this together.


All photographs courtesy Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock


Kindness all over the country - Part 2



1- (The Times): Small acts of kindness will be our salvation

                  si non-accessible: =>.   Téléchargement Small acts of kindness will be our salvation


2-  (The Guardian) :'Like an emotional Mexican wave': how coronavirus kindness makes the world seem smaller


3-   VIDEO 2'.  MORAL ELEVATION Lea Waters


4-    Online festival celebrates arts affected by Covid-19. March 22 (video BBC  2'30)

Playwright Nick Green launched the Social Distancing Festival to shine a spotlight on lost projects. The website ( has received 400 submissions from around the world.


5-  Plague - Elaine Whittaker -2015

(CBC Canada) What is the role of art in helping us better understand coronavirus?


6-     (Times of India).    Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha offers health staff free accommodation

          The 27-year-old Ivory Coast international is the latest football personality to offer a free bed, following in the footsteps of former Manchester United star Gary Neville and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich


7-     (  videoFitness trainer leads neighbors in group workout during lockdown in Spain

This is how @gonzalo_gbroto is passing the time with his neighbors. 


8-      (The Times) Aid packs for the elderly as thousands volunteer for the home front

Asiyah and Jawad Javed

Asiyah and Jawad Javed found an elderly woman crying outside a supermarket because she could not buy any handwash or sanitiser. The couple, who own a Falkirk corner shop called Day Today Express, decided to act. Using £2,000 of savings, the Javeds began putting together bags of soap, gel and masks and delivering them free to elderly people in the neighbourhood after closing time.


9 -    How the Sunday Times's readers reacted to Asiyah and Jawad Javed's initiative.  (The Times)

  1. A big cheer for Asiyah and Jawad - what a contrast to some other behaviour we're seeing. Very uplifting :-)
  2. Restores faith in humanity following the horrendous selfish hoarding by a large number of people across the country. Well done to the initiative of this fantastic couple, their supplier and the community showing how things should be done.
  3. Make this the headline story of the day! It's so heartwarming to hear such lovely stories in these awful times. Thank you.
  4. Well done Asiyah and Jawad - what lovely people you are. Thank you.
  5. Massive well done and thank you Asiyah and Jawad and everyone else who is pitching in with similar schemes - very heart warming, a real treat to read about.
  6. Exemplary humanity. A precious lesson for all.
  7. Lovely people. Hopefully we will see more human kindness.
  8. Wonderful people, generous and caring an example to us all.
  9. What a great article - only 24 comments though! What does that say about the readership. Can we have more like this please and less of the down beat depressing stuff? The more you publicise something, the more it happens. So please, do more to inspire more.
  10. The people in the cul-de-sac where I live have formed a WhatsApp group to keep tabs on each other and offer support to the elderly and infirm. Some are volunteering to get the shopping for a chap in his nineties and for a lady who has had a heart transplant. It’s reaffirming my faith in humanity.


10           Homeless

=>.          (Shelter)    Volunteer. -   By volunteering with Crisis you can make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness.