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 ....   dans quelques jours :

                                 The 50 significant key-words in July

                                 How the English papers "qualify" Didier Deschamps

                                 The 72 audios ** & * selected in July



so be patient !!


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10 (+1) significant headlines on Aug 17th




# freepress - Journalists are not the enemy


Not enough fish: woman successfully sues dating agency over lack of men

Wish you weren't here: how the tourist boom – and selfies – are threatening Britain's beauty spots

Just how cheap are holidays to Turkey right now – and should I take lira?

Smart digital assistants threaten regional accents, research says

The 12 things we love to moan about on holiday

Child drownings in Germany linked to parents' ‘fixation’ with phones

Hard-up universities take candidates who didn’t make the grade



More A levels in PE than French as pupils drop European languages

Chinese overtakes German among students for first time as interest in European languages slumps



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15 significant headlines on Aug 15th




Postman sacked for hoarding 6,000 letters

Inside Siberia’s isolated community of forgotten women


Heatwave reveals lost prehistoric sites

The shameful hypocrisy of 'eco-conscious' travellers and 'green' hotels

Planning regulations overlook heat – so developers build death traps

Top pay in UK up by 11% as workers’ wages fail to match inflation

Moss Side: A history of the Manchester neighbourhood


Up to 3 million children spend their school holidays at risk of not getting enough food,

Happy together: lonely baby boomers turn to co-housing

‘Urban’ sounds: it’s time to stop using this hackneyed term for black music

Migration : How prepared is the EU for a future surge in migrant arrivals?

The flexitarians, the uber foodies, the free-from crowd - which 2018 eating tribe are you?

Bosses’ pay rises nine times faster than workers’ wages

Fewer migrants head for UK as Brexit looms and pound weakens

Australian politician sparks outrage by demanding 'final solution' to immigration


Big Toe


Human big toe was 'late to evolve'


10 (+1) significant headlines on Aug 12t, (Glorious 12th)


Watergate : Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein:


Social media giants using 'unethical' persuasion techniques to keep children hooked, psychologists warn 

Facebook accused of helping traffickers by not blocking ads aimed at refugees

How Google has been tracking 'banned words' for its censored Chinese search engine

Where to buy a home near the best state primary schools - and how much you'll pay for the privilege

Fewer EU migrants increases skills shortages

Heat: the next big inequality issue (air-conditioning)


Woodward and Bernstein: Watergate echoes loud in Donald Trump era :  ‘This is worse than Watergate’, says Bernstein


Where even Walmart won't go: how Dollar General took over rural America

New 'witness protection scheme' for whistle-blowers exposing technology industry 'wrongdoing'



Swarms of angry drunk wasps are on the rampage in the UK

-  Pests experts have said the wasps "can't handle their booze"



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10 significant headlines on Aug 11th




Monsanto ordered to pay $289m to terminally ill groundsman who used Roundup weedkiller

Rise in rough sleepers living under canvas

Hackable implanted medical devices could cause deaths, researchers say

Why airlines must learn to respect passengers' rights

What video games in schools can teach us about learning

Anger at citizenship for Melania’s mum and dad

Rook at this mess: French park trains crows to pick up litter

Véliberté, egalité, fraternité: is Paris's seminal bike share scheme out of date?


Lessons in hidden bias for old, white professors

Brexit uncertainty 'puts EU nationals at risk of losing their homes'



Joël Robuchon's best mashed potatoes in the world




From The Guardian : the recipe

For successful mashed potatoes, salt the cooking water when it is still cold and salt the finished purée carefully. If you can, use a food mill or potato ricer instead of a blender or food processor. When the potato has gone through the ricer, .........


From The NY Times : Joël Robuchon, a French Chef Festooned With Stars,


COMPARING 3 reports of J Robuchon's earlier years ... in POITIERS

Joel Robuchon's origin


Complete audio report available


Ice-cream boom sales



Wet dry Dorset


Ice-cream & coolers boom year SS* R

Reading for confirmation


Heatwave: Ice cream maker celebrates but farmers worry



1-    Is YOUR favourite on Britain’s happiest food list?

      2 - A brilliant idea, 4 years ago, in the US:

California Ice-cream in exchange for toy games 20141005


related document (Aug 7th)

Spending more on food & fans but … SS* R IOW ( trends)


10 significant headlines on Aug 6th




Brits don’t want to work on farms – so what will happen after Brexit?

How nuns breeding endangered salamanders to make them into a cough syrup could save species

Why climate activists can’t agree if we should have fewer children

Social media is making children regress to mentality of three-year-olds, says top brain scientist

UK 'safe' pollution threshold should be halved, heart experts warn


More than 6m workers fear being replaced by machines – report


Green belt used for homes young people cannot afford

An all-beef diet cured my depression

Nationalism is like a religion, judge rules




More than half of UK adults 'struggle to afford to drink in pubs'


10 significant headlines on Aug 3rd-4th





The weather is like Brexit: everyone’s hot, no one’s happy and you wonder how it’s going to end

The Today programme has lost nearly a million listeners – here’s why

Overweight tourists are injuring Santorini's donkeys, animal welfare groups warn

Thousands of Swedes are inserting themselves with microchips

Food banks appeal for donations to feed children unable to get free school meals during summer holidays

Universal basic income has support of 40% of British people, finds poll

Think the heatwave is just a mild inconvenience? Wait until there's no food on your plate  - Heatwave to impact Christmas dinners as Brussels sprouts, Stilton, beef and lamb supplies affected

Noisy motorcycles with illegal exhausts blight countryside

Homeless man jailed after breaking into Buckingham Palace

Secret locations of soldiers working on military bases revealed using satellite flaw



... Halfway through




Parmi les thématiques potentielles en juillet ,

           une sélection (subjective) de 20:


Big Brother watch -> facial recognition protests

Book sales record, but ...

Brexit preps -> Stockpiling food, .....

Ending care without a judge

English, world leading language, but ...

EU citizens leaving UK Relax

Fake news threaten democracy

Fewer sick days for UK workers

Firemen gardeners - HOPE

Forced marriage in Bengladesh => parents jailed


Gig economy workers rights (Uber, Deliveroo, ..)

Heatwave & drought

Identity card scheme (again)

Minimum wage not enforced -> companies named & shamed

Mobile phone ban in schools


Off-shore wind energy to double - Progress

Overcrowded UK vs France "low" density

Tracking pupils in French school

Trees intelligence explained

Veganism boom